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Let’s SET THE STAGE for FYRE Media Justice Camp 2018!

2018’s FYRE Camp, SCENE and HEARD, held an intentional space for Queer and Trans young people of color and cis Black women in the South. We held this space for movement building and elevating our voices through theater. We believe we can act out during this political climate by asserting our voices and playing out our stories to hold center stage within the revolution.

Through this camp, SPARK built a base of leaders who re-imagine and create artistic narratives for our resilience, our lives, and our communities. These leaders will amplify the voices of queer and trans youth of color, and cisgender Black women.

The FYRE Camp participants are a part of the 2018 Health Advocacy Cohort. This cohort focuses on issues surrounding abortion culture, stigma, and access; sexual health, such as HIV prevention and treatment, PrEP and PEP; health care coverage and access; and organizing and base building.

Click here to view our FYRE 2018 VIDEO