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Ayeola Whitworth   @leathal_lolita

Reproductive Justice: Queer and Trans liberation. Accurate sex ed. Abortion access. Freedom for our lives, bodies, and futures.

SPARK is committed to fighting for reproductive justice for all bodies — this means freedom for Queer, Intersex, Trans and non-binary people, accurate sex education, and access to abortion. We recognize reproductive justice as a social justice movement rooted in the belief that all individuals and communities must have the resources and power to make liberatory decisions about their bodies, genders, sexualities, and lives.

Georgia and the South have some of the most restrictive reproductive laws in the country, most recently passing a ban that would outlaw the procedure after 6 weeks, starting in January 2020.

But reproductive justice goes beyond the concept of birth.

Though SPARK is working to fight abortion bans and all other forms of reproductive oppression, we are simultaneously focused on assuring Georgians have the resources they need to live and care for themselves and their chosen families. This includes everything from fighting racial and gender inequities, to expanding Medicaid, to ensuring equitable access to food and housing.

SPARK is building communities in Georgia and the South that facilitate liberation by promoting bodily autonomy, self-determination, and informed decision-making for all bodies and families. Reproductive justice is freedom for our lives, bodies, and futures.

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