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Volunteer at SPARK because you’re creative, because you have skills to share and skills to learn, because you have extra time, or because you just love us!
By volunteering at SPARK, you will:

  • Directly impact the lives of Southern women of color, queer and trans youth of color, poor folks, and so many more by supporting their work.
  • Work with other brilliant fierce individuals like yourself.
  • Enjoy supporting an environment that’s committed to creating safe empowering spaces built by and for communities of color.

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The SPARK internship is a seasonal or year long opportunity for those seeking to expand their knowledge of reproductive health, rights, and justice, women and gender studies, racial justice, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer issues. Interns will have the opportunity to obtain invaluable work experience in a professional nonprofit setting while gaining inside knowledge on what it takes to advocate for reproductive justice. Successful interns will gain an intersectional analysis of what reproductive justice means, a firmer grasp of current movement issues, and increased skills in the areas of communications, grassroots organizing, leadership and membership development, fundraising and grants management. We welcome creativity, new ideas, and we make a conscious effort to create a work space that fosters personal growth.

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The SPARK Fellowship is a leadership development, research, and organizing fellowship designed to introduce fellows to Reproductive Justice and the RJ Movement. SPARK will be providing fellows with all of the RJ trainings in our wheelhouse. Afterwards, SPARK Fellows will be working towards their own individual RJ projects or a bigger project they may decide to do together. The project(s) should fit SPARK’s mission. The project(s) will be required to have an advocacy/outreach component, an educational/facilitation component, and a program implementation component.

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