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JusticeNOW2020 is a cross-movement power building and power shifting national conference.

This conference aims to bring together activists, advocates, artists, movement leaders, organizers, community members, students, educators, medical professionals, attorneys, policy makers, public health professionals, researchers, scientists, and funders across many movements.

JusticeNOW2020 will provide an intentional and inimitable space for folx to unite for the advancement of Reproductive Justice. It will provide a forum for the interdisciplinary & inter-generational presentation of ideas, thoughts, research and inquiry related to liberation of historically marginalized and criminalized communities. This conference will uplift leadership on all levels – with an emphasis on grassroots leadership – while shifting power and taking charge of conversations that center “Our Bodies, Our Communities, and Our Futures.”

Enjoy our conference programming by watching our recorded sessions, keynotes, panels and more on YouTube! CLICK HERE to visit our JusticeNOW2020 playlist for all recordings!

CLICK HERE to view graphic notes of JusticeNOW2020! These amazing notes were created by Radical Road Maps & Saif!